Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and one of the most important cities in the whole of Southeast Asia. With over eight million inhabitants – up to 15 million people if you count the metropolitan area – it’s the biggest city in the country. With 20 million overnight visitors in 2017, it’s the world’s most visited city


The official language in Thailand is Thai. The complex curvy script and unfamiliar sounds may be overwhelming, but don’t worry! Thanks to the massive tourism industry, many people in Bangkok speak English, and even when they don’t, big smiles and genuine friendliness means you’ll find it relatively easy to get around and communicate with people.

We always recommend learning a few basic phrases in your destination’s language. It shows respect for the local people and their culture, and in return often earns you more respect as a traveller.

  • Hello – Sawadee (khrup/ka)
  • Goodbye – La gorn (khrup/ka)
  • Yes – Chai (khrup/ka)
  • No – Mai (khrup/ka)
  • Sorry / excuse me –  Khor thoad (khrup/ka)
  • Thank you – Khop khun (khrup/ka)


The official currency of Thailand is the Baht (THB), usually written as the letter “B”. Baht notes come in 20B (green), 50B (blue), 100B (red), 500B (purple) and 1000B (beige). Baht is divided into 100 satang, however, you’re unlikely to find anything at these prices except perhaps in the famous 7-Eleven stores.

Most places only accept cash, and while ATMs accept foreign cards, they often charge you a 200B transaction fee. Banks and private money changers usually offer the best rates, and US Dollars are the easiest currency to convert once you’re out there. 





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